40 Years For Williams Silverstone Celebration

On June 2 Williams F1 hosted a celebration for their 40th anniversary at Silverstone race circuit. The day consisted of 9 different types of cars, one of my favourites was the 6 wheeler. This meant that it added to the traction and also reduced the frontal drag. One of the most surprising things of the day was a tractor from JCB which could do a wheelie with its 9.5 litre engine and 850-1000bhp, the sheer power managed to drive the front wheels up off the ground. Some of the newer F1 cars were also there which was a great site, overall, it was a great day.


Canadian Grand Prix


This was one of the most exciting starts to the race this season, I missed all the commentary before-hand because my dad has the remote, but oh well…. He then falls asleep during every race and expects me to tell him what happened. Anyway moving on,¬†Verstappen got off to a good start by him gaining 3 places, whereas Vettel’s front wing got clipped meaning that he went down into 18th due to the pit stop. Carlos Sainz made a very dangerous manoeuvre; it caused Grosjean to hit Sainz who then goes into Massa.

By Lap 11 Verstappen was having a very good race, however, his engine cuts out meaning he had to retire. Then on lap 17 Magnussen was powering through up 10 places with new power unit elements. Lance Stroll was having a good race with several overtakes.

Later on Ocon goes of the track causing him to lose places, then a few laps later Fernando Alonso had ran out of fuel. This was an unsuccessful race for him after he had come back from the Indy 500. Vettel had shown some serious determination as he was up into 4th position, well done to him.

The race finishes with Hamilton in first, Mercedes 1 2, this was a first for Mercedes this season. Stroll also had his first points of the season hopefully there is more to come from him. Raikkonen was experiencing break problems but still managed to come 7th.

  1. Hamilton
  2. Bottas
  3. Ricciardo
  4. Vettel
  5. Perez
  6. Ocon
  7. Raikkonen
  8. Hulkenburg
  9. Stroll
  10. Grosjean
  11. Palmer
  12. Magnussen
  13. Ericsson
  14. Vandoorne
  15. Wehrlein
  16. Alonso
  17. Kvyat
  18. Verstappen
  19. Massa
  20. Sainz

40 Years for Williams

It was 40 years ago today, when Williams entered an F1 race for the first time, it was driven by Patrick Neve at the Spanish GP. Sadly, Neve passed away back in March aged 67, he will never be forgotten for what he did for the motor sport industry. 114 race wins later and Williams are still going strong with some of the fastest pit stops recorded.


Patrick Neve racing the Williams.

Is Vettel going to become a 5-time World Champion?

The battle between Vettel and Hamilton is growing, “I would love to have a close battle with Lewis” Vettel said. ¬†He was a quadruple world champion with Red Bull, so can he make an impact for Ferrari as well? Hamilton has won 3 titles is this going to be the end of his world titles? Vettel is storming ahead of Hamilton after winning in Australia and Bahrain. Sochi is tomorrow and after qualifying Ferrari 1-2, could it be another win for Vettel?

My First Post

Good afternoon to all F1 fans, I have decided to make a blog to give you all frequent updates on the latest Formula One news. F1 is the pinnacle of motor sport and is viewed by millions all around the world. One day, I hope to become an F1 engineer and my blog will help me and you to gain more information on this interesting sport.