40 Years for Williams

It was 40 years ago today, when Williams entered an F1 race for the first time, it was driven by Patrick Neve at the Spanish GP. Sadly, Neve passed away back in March aged 67, he will never be forgotten for what he did for the motor sport industry. 114 race wins later and Williams are still going strong with some of the fastest pit stops recorded.


Patrick Neve racing the Williams.


Is Vettel going to become a 5-time World Champion?

The battle between Vettel and Hamilton is growing, “I would love to have a close battle with Lewis” Vettel said. ┬áHe was a quadruple world champion with Red Bull, so can he make an impact for Ferrari as well? Hamilton has won 3 titles is this going to be the end of his world titles? Vettel is storming ahead of Hamilton after winning in Australia and Bahrain. Sochi is tomorrow and after qualifying Ferrari 1-2, could it be another win for Vettel?